Thursday, October 2, 2008

Future Fireman?

Colton has always loved fire trucks and fire men. We always have to talk about where the fire truck is going when we see one with its lights on. We talk about how they save people. He says "I want to help save people". So sweet. When we pass the fire station he looks hard at the trucks and always asks to go in there.
Well a couple of weeks ago his dream came true! Colton went on a field trip to the fire station with his class. We counted down the days until he got to go. Every morning he woke with" Is this the day we go?" The morning finally came and with no breakfast ( no time for breakfast - he could not be late to school that day) he headed off to school so excited about riding the yellow dog to the fire station. I was in school of course, but Matt met the class at he fire station. He said Colton was so loving every minute, listening, asking questions, and really taking it all in. I am going to post the pictures and you can see for yourself. To be honest, I think being a fireman is awesome but what a dangerous job for my boy! I am certainly glad we have brave men to keep us all safe. They are Colton's superheros!( them and spiderman of course).

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The Wier Family said...

Love it! He is SO CUTE! Hope you guys are doing well! So excited that you have a blog! :)