Friday, August 15, 2008

I think I can ... I think I can

Well, honestly I am not a "writer". I have never found the time to keep a journal and I can't even catch up with my scrapbooking. So for the two or three of you out there that might peek at this blog I will warn you up front this could be very scary! I have two precious kids Colton and Avery and want to keep all of you updated on their lives. So here we go into the blogging world. I will try my best to keep up.

My summer vacation is over (how time flies when you are having fun). Monday, my precious baby Avery will start a new year with a new babysitter. I think she is going to have a hard couple of weeks but pray that she will soon adjust to her new schedule. Wednesday, my sweet boy will take his first steps into a new school for Pre K. I can't believe that he is old enough for Pre K . As for him , I am not to worried about the adjustment. He is the person that I never was as a child. He is self assured , outgoing, and make friends so easily. Now I am worried that he might get lots of notes for TALKING. Where does he get that from? Thursday, I will meet 22 new 8 year olds that I will spend my next year with. I wonder what this year will bring? Yes, I will teach them them math , reading, spelling, and so on but what I really hope is that I can teach them more than just a classic education. I met someone yesterday at Colton's meet the teacher that said " I remember my second grade teacher - she was so mean" and then she said "you do really make a difference" I hope that in 20 years just one of my students remember me as someone who really did make a difference in their life. As much as I love and feel called to teach it truly saddens me to trust upon someone else with my own kids. So with tears in my eyes just thinking about Monday and Wednesday and and the next 187 days - I pray that will we all adjust quickly to our new schedules, hold our summer fun memories close, and look forward to the many fun and challenging days ahead.


The Wier Family said...

I'm READING! Keep them coming! :) Love you! ~ Lis

Christin said...

hooray! congrats on your first post... now time to figure out pictures!