Tuesday, September 9, 2008

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I know it has been a while but it has been the first few weeks of school and they are always so crazy! Avery and Colton love their new schools. They are so happy and so far keeping well!! Keep it up guys ! I have a cute little class. It looks like I am in for another good year.

We had a crazy weekend. We went to the Wylie Bulldog game Friday night. Avery didn't much care for it. We left right before half time. Colton loves the games. He was sad that he didn't catch a football. Saturday morning we got up and went to the West Texas Fair and Rodeo parade. Avery and Colton loved it. It was hot but we enjoyed it. Saturday afternoon we had a shower at my house for my cousin Kacey. Saturday night we went to the fair. We didn't stay long but we had a ton of fun. My sister and niece and nephew were with us. The kids had more fun at the petting zoo than anything. Although my niece, miss Kensay, loved the faris wheel. Colton said he liked the faris wheel but he looked a little terrified.

Change is coming to the Cogburn house. I HATE change. I would just be happy if things always stayed the same. At some point life has to change especially if you want things to be better. So I am going in to change with an open mind . I just have to pray and take a leap of faith. More details on this change later. Just a hint - no we are NOT having more babies and No we are not moving.

One last thing- I am loving the weather today. Do you think early and cool Fall?

One more last thing- Colton starts soccer again this week. He is so excited!

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Christin said...

updates! and with pictures! you did such an awesome job - and that pic of colton in the post below is SO cute! what a handsome little man! i can actually believe that colton was a little scared of riding the faris wheel but good job for him... he couldn't let his cousin show him up, now could he?! :)