Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Round 2- the kissing hand

Last night we prepared Coltons backpack, supplies, and napmat for his big day today. I read one my favorite stories of all time to him. I teach second graders and have two little ones at home so I usually only read children's books. Anyway, The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn is the cutest story about a racoon that goes to school for the the very first time. Colton couldn't understand why the racoon went to school at night though. Anyway, the mom racoon gives her child a kiss in the palm of his hand, closes his fist, and promises it wont wash off. She tells him that anytime he needs to feel his mommy's love to place his palm on his cheek and he will feel her kiss. It shows them that it is okay to leave their mommy because she will always be with them. It is also great for mommy's who needs that little push to let them go. This book is a must for the home library. ( he was thrilled that his teacher read them the book today at school too)

This morning Colton popped out of bed. He was super excited he didn't even drink his chocolate milk.(Colton LOVES chocolate milk). On the way to school he seemed to have the nervous chatter going on. As we got out of the car- he didn't want to hold my hand. " I am big boy now, mom" he says. He marched right up the sidewalk- his eyes big as quarters and walked right into the room with his head held high. I was like "bye colton" and with a little turn he was like "bye" and went in. Does it really start at four ? Being embarressed of your mother? He had an "awesome day". He loved his teacher and is excited to go back tomorrow. The best part is that he is happy and looking forward to another day and he is so exhausted tonight he just sits on the couch and stares!!!:)) For all of you that know Colton knows that it is a rare occasion when he sits still.

Avery update:
She is doing great!! She loves Jane and she seems so happy! She still won't eat much but she is getting molars- so that may be part of it too.

It makes me feels so much better to leave my kids happy and in good hands! FINALLY

My classroom is ready ! I am ready to meet the little kiddos tomorrow night:)

Life is good!

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The Kellys said...

I'm glad to hear that you handled Colton going to Pre-school so well. I hope I'm as composed and brave as you were. They grow up way to fast. Hope to see you soon.